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MProfit - Portfolio Management Software

Developer MProfit Software Pvt. Ltd.

MProfit - Portfolio Management Software is a program that allows you to manage all your assets such as stocks, F&O, MFs, FDs, ULIPs ...

Winman's Saral Tax

Developer Winman\'s

Winman Saral Tax is a most user-friendly Income Tax computation software. It calculates tax, generates statements ...

CSI Unfair Advantage

Developer Commodity Systems, Inc.

There are 110+ commodity exchanges in the world and CSI covers most of them.All stocks traded in the U.S., Canada ...

Track Your Trades

Developer Track Your Trades

Track Your Trades is a software for generating IRS Schedule D (Capital Gains and Losses) for your federal tax return, complete with totals ...


Developer Dhana Software Inc.

MyGains was designed with security as a central attribute of the application. Trades are automatically downloaded from online brokerages ...

BNA Income Tax Planner

Developer BNA Software

BNA Income Tax Planner helps you efficiently model complex tax scenarios and offer income tax planning and projections that help clients manage ...


Developer DarkTurtles

With StockWhip, you can: Record details of your stock portfolios Track performance of holdings against ...

TP Capital Gains 2009

Developer The Tax Publishers

TXF Reader

Developer TXF Express

TXF Reader can combine TXF (Tax eXchange Format) records and convert TXF files to CSV (Comma Delimited) files. You can ...

Master Investor

Developer OWL Software

Comprehensive portfolio management and technical analysis system for individual investors. Manages investments in stocks ...

TXF Creator

Developer TXF Express LLC

TXF Creator converts stock and option trade data from many online brokers to TXF (Tax eXchange Format) files with just a few ...

Fundamental Portfolio Manager

Developer Fundamental Software

The Product itself has always comprised a single monolithic codebase, with a number of associated modules. The strength of the Fundamental ...

CGT Planner

Developer PTP Software

CGT Planner saves time by quickly and easily calculating capital gains tax liability on the disposal of both business and non-business chargeable ...

Digita Capital Gains

Developer Digita

Canadian Asset Amortization Tool

Developer Custom Data Centre

C.A.A.T. produces hardcopy reports suitable for use in your working paper file, for filing with corporate and personal tax ...

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